• Dual-Channel Fixed-Frequency Wireless Microphone System with RF and audio level indicators.
  • EIA Standard metal housings improve heat dissipation and shielding from spurious interference.
  • 1/2U dual-channel diversity receiver.
  • PLL synthesized fixed frequency circuit for stability and effortless frequency setup.
  • Advanced diversity wireless microphone technology ensures optimal reception range and eliminates signal drop-outs.
  • RF and audio level indicators.
  • Output level is accurately pre-adjusted to equal to the microphone capsule sensitivity and ensures optimal performance.
  • Adjustable ‘SQ’ for increased or decreased sensitivity level for increased reception range or interference management.
  • Industry’s only RF interference warning indicator for SQ adjustment.
  • Up to 24 compatible channels can be used simultaneously at the same venue (country dependent).
  • New MH-80 handheld transmitter features sturdy housing, high-efficiency transmitting circuit, and brilliant sound quality.
  • Quick to install and easy to operate with high reliability and affordability.
  • Ideal for entry-level stage and PA applications.

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