Main Features

The system delivers clear and powerful sound while it is easy to use and inexpensive. It is the best PA Wireless Amplifier for classrooms and other similar applications.

Features built-in 45 Watt (rms) high-efficiency amplifier, high-fidelity full-range speaker, detachable AC switching power supply, and detachable receiver module with world’s first ACT (Automatic Channel Targeting) function allows 97 selectable UHF channels and automatic set up transmitter frequency rapidly are all in one compact speaker cabinet.

The amplifier can be mounted to the walls or ceilings. After the amplifiers are installed and built-in receiver modules are programmed for non-interference operation, then users can use the same personal microphone transmitter to remote-control amplifier’s power on/off and adjusting volume. Furthermore, other than being a handheld microphone, an external lavaliere and headworn microphone or other audio sources can also connect to the transmitter via a mini phone-jack input.

The transmitter has built-in rechargeable batteries that allow users simply put the transmitter back to the designated charger after using. Up to 24-hour microphone usage per single charge. Money saved and eliminates the hassle of changing batteries.

Main Specifications

The Amplifier Output Power 27W (RMS) / 4 ohm
T.H.D. <0.1%
Frequency Response 60Hz~15KHz /-3dB
Speaker 5 inch full range
Receiver Module Built-in detachable 1 UHF PLL receiver module with 100 selectable channels
Matching Microphone MT-101ACT
Antennas Built-in
Audio Inputs Transmitter accepts MIC & LINE input
Transmitter Battery Built-in rechargeable batteries and charger attached
Operation Mode Remote controlled with ACT multi-functional transmitter
Power Supply Built-in 90~264V AV switching power supply
Charging Time 2 hours
Operating Time 24 hours
Applications Classrooms or multi-area installations
Dimensions (m/m) 275 x 188 x 157
Weight (kg) 2.3kg
Exterior Color Black
Approvals Complies with telecommunication and safety regulations

Click here to download Mipro Portable Systems MA-101 ACT PDF

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